Feed Quality Assurance: Notebook & Videos Program

With the Food Safety Modernization Act, both regulatory and commercial demands for food and feed quality and safety are increasing. To help, NGFA has prepared several education/training tools to assist grain and feed companies navigate the changing regulatory landscape and meet customer needs.


This program contains model quality-assurance procedures for: purchasing and receiving of grains and feed ingredients; feed manufacturing and process control; sampling, inspection and labeling of finished feeds; transporting feed to customers; sanitation and pest control; and investigating feed product complaints, including recall procedures. Also includes a section on applying hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles to control feed safety hazards.

It also provides compliance guidance for safety, health and environmental regulations applicable to feed mills – with many fill-in-the-blank guides. The appendix features the latest on the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for feed mill licensing, FDA’s regulations and inspection plan for enforcing final rule prohibiting feeding of certain mammalian protein to ruminant animals; and veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs.

Key elements of the Model Feed Quality Assurance program also have been incorporated into a set of four videos that may be used as an on-going training tool for employees. Each video is 9 – 11 minutes in length, and is adaptable to any size and type of feed mill. For more information, see a clip from each Quality Assurance in Feed Manufacturing video:

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